The biggest collection of Volkswagen cars in one game

Officially licensed by Volkswagen, GTI Racing blends a realistic car simulation with the pure fun of driving. The game offers the biggest collection of the legendary European Volkswagen Golf series cars with 15 models from all of its five generations. Additionally players can sit behind the wheel of concept cars and famous classics like the Beetle and even a T1 transporter.

GTI Racing

  • Platforms: pc
  • Genre: racing
  • Release date: Mar 10, 2006

Race in unique settings around the globe

Career mode of GTI Racing consists of over 70 races in 6 unique settings in Germany, France, Italy, UK and USA. Compete againstdemanding AI drivers in Time trial, Drift competition and Drag racing, wild Baja and new Legal Race modes to earn money and spend them on tuning your cars. The massive variety of parts from such manufacturers like Bilstein, Brembo, Eibach, Kamei, Kerscher, König, Remus and Zender allow players to tune car’s performance and appearance.

  • 15 models of the legendary European Volkswagen Golf with additional concept cars and famous classics.
  • Realistic driving model with lifelike car and environment psychics.
  • Impressive and wide array of original tuning parts from famous manufacturers.
  • Wide range of gameplay modes with Time trial, Drift competition, Drag racing, wild Baja and new Legal Race.
  • Highly detailed car damage model based on Xpand Rally experiences that enhances the game experience.
  • Intense multiplayer with various game types for up to 4 drivers.
  • Special tools that enable players to edit and save replays of the races.
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