Discover the untold chapter
of Kyle Crane’s story

Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous countryside jam-packed with mysterious characters, deadly new weapons, and unexpected quests. Take the wheel of a dune buggy, get your tires smeared with zombie blood, and experience Dying Light’s creative brutality in high gear.

Dying Light: The Following

  • Platforms: pcxops4
  • Genre: action, FPP, RPG
  • Release date: Feb 09, 2016

Dying Light

Expand your game

Dying Light: The Following is a massive expansion to Dying Light and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. Take to a vast new area that will transform your Dying Light experience through new game mechanics, environments and challenges on top of the established core of what made Dying Light a break away success for millions of players around the globe.

  • New Map | As Big as Dying Light - You’ll get thrust into a hazardous outback overrun by the infected and populated by pockets of survivors who consider outsiders just as threating. With a map the size of Old Town and The Slums combined, Dying Light: the Following is choke full of new environments, characters, quests, and secrets to discover.
  • Drivable Vehicles | Your Deadliest Weapon Yet - All-terrain dirt buggies are going to be your key tool to survival. Level up your new Driver Rank skill tree and upgrade your ride to create your most deadly and effective weapon yet. Fully customizable with specialized weapons, attachments, decals and paint jobs, your buggy is going to be your one-way ticket to zombie smashing mayhem.
  • New Story | Where Will the Outbreak Go? - Players will again take the role of Kyle Crane, and will be thrown into Harran’s outback region, rife with the infected, where they’ll encounter a mysterious, and seemingly all-powerful cult, capable of changing the face of Dying Light’s world.
  • Non-Linear Progression | Trust is Something You Earn - Take control of your fate and tackle the missions laid before you as you choose. When and which tasks you take on is entirely up to you. But as you earn more trust, you’ll be granted more imperative quests along with access to dark cult secrets which will help unravel the mystery that has taken hold of this once serene land.
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