Tropical paradise of Banoi turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak

In Dead Island, the player’s only chance for survival is to fight his way and escape the island. The game combines first-person action with heavy focus on melee combat, character customization and weapon crafting while exploring a vast open world full of side quests, challenges and blood thirsty zombies.

Dead Island

  • Platforms: pcx360ps3
  • Genre: action, FPP, RPG
  • Release date: Nov 30, 2010

Open world filled with hordes of undead to slaughter

Choose one of four distinct characters and fight the undead. Each character comes with a different set of skills and combat specializations that changes the experience. Sam B specializes in blunt weapons, Xian Mei in blades, Logan in throwing weapons and Purna who have a steady hand for firearms. The vast array of melee and ranged weapons in Dead Island can be upgraded and crafted with different equipment found in the game’s world.

  • Gorgeous open world tropical island filled with hordes of gruesome zombies.
  • Four distinct playable characters with different weapons specializations and skill trees to develop.
  • Cinematic story that can be experienced both in single-player and four-player co-operation.
  • Unique First-person melee combat system.
  • Advanced weapon crafting and customization.
  • Stunning graphics achieved with our proprietary engine technology.
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