Welcome to the new Wild West

When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a US law enforcement agency in Los Angeles, a special task force is assembled with three unique characters. Ben McCall, Eddie Guerra and Kim Evans are ready to put aside the regulations and begin a blood-soaked quest for justice. Playing with each character determines how the story unfolds as well as gives different weapon specializations.

Call of Juarez: the Cartel

  • Platforms: pcx360ps3
  • Genre: shooter, action, FPP
  • Release date: Dec 06, 2010

Experience The Cartel with friends in unique co-opetition mode

Lawlessness of today’s Wild West can be experienced in single-player or in 3-player co-opetition mode which combines co-operation with a competitive twist of Secret Agenda missions which need to be accomplished behind your friends’ backs. Game also features 12-players multiplayer mode with character customization, unlockable weapons and exciting modes of cops and robbers rivalry.

  • Cinematic story with unforgettable characters.
  • 3-player cooperation available during the whole story campaign spiced with competitive Secret Agenda tasks.
  • Wide selection of weapons, including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-air weapons and more.
  • Diverse missions with police raids, witness protection, interrogations, undercover missions, car chases and more.
  • Memorable locations like streets of Los Angeles, Sequoia National Park, The Grand Canyon and Ciudad Juarez.
  • 12-player multiplayer with various game modes, as well as character and weapons customization.
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