Live an amazing western adventure

Set in 19th century South Texas, Call of Juarez is an epic western adventure about vengeance, survival and the search for a legendary treasure. Techland’s proprietary engine technology enabled the creation of a picturesque, beautiful world full of vast areas and locations typical of the Old West in its times of glory.

Call of Juarez

  • Platforms: pcx360
  • Genre: action, FPP, shooter
  • Release date: Dec 08, 2005

Play as a hunter and the hunted one

19-years old Billy Candle returns after the failed attempt to find the legendary treasure of Juarez. In the city of Hope he discovers his mother and stepfather dead and gets accused of murdering them. Reverend Ray McCall, brother of the deceased man is after Billy seeking justice as he believes that God has chosen him to be the judge, jury and executioner of this case. Players get to know this story from both perspectives while controlling the characters in the single-player campaign with uniquely diverse gameplay for the hunter and the hunted.

  • Story told from two perspectives with different gameplay mechanics for both characters.
  • The most authentic Wild West environments and scenarios, including saloon brawls, train robberies, old-time shootouts, and bare-knuckle brawling.
  • Travel the dirt roads on your horse equipped with genuine Wild West weaponry and equipment like the standard issue six-shooter or the traditional bow and arrows.
  • With the third generation of our proprietary engine, Call of Juarez recreates the distinct rough-and-tumble beauty of the Old West through detailed and realistic environments and levels that spread across miles of terrain.
  • Intelligent enemy AI with individual skills for each type. They use environments to their advantage, employ suppressive fire and work together as a group to shoot you down.
  • In multiplayer take part in some of the Old West’s most infamous events like Billy the Kid’s shootout at Stinking Springs Ranch, in one of the objective-based modes or take the law into your own hands and hunt down a band of outlaws with your friends in co-op.
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